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See what some of our 538,249 subscribers have to say!

You guys are the best, it is ironic that of the paid subscriptions I have purchased in the past your organization has saved me the most money. Your subscription is my most valued financial advice/advisor (only email that I automatically save). Please do keep up the fantastic work that you do.
P.S. when I mentioned "money saved, I am not talking hundreds I am talking thousands!


Love your newsletters.  So much great information.  Can't do without it.  Thank you so much!!!


I immediately downloaded the information for 9 tips to save 50% on my grocery bill. That's what I'll be doing today and I want to start applying these tips and see how I do. Thank you.


Love your deals, order often thanks for this awesome site!!!!!!!!


Greatly love your MoneyTalksNews and you provide great information and knowledge.  The one on Wall Street and Buffett was the greatest advice I have ever seen.


Thank you Stacy for all of your good advice you send us. I liked today's article about looking for the right advisor.  That is so important to understand and know!  Your information as a former broker is invaluable.


Just want to say how much I enjoy reading all the different articles on MoneyTalksNews. Very helpful and informative. The content of each has value to virtually anybody willing to take the time to read them. I have learned a lot, saved money in numerous different areas of my life, and "boned-up" on many subjects that I previously knew nothing, or very little about. Good stuff indeed! Thanks Stacy and everybody else that contributes to this website.


Thank you for your site, I love it....So informative and even fun to read :)
I forwarded your site to my college student so I don't have to Facebook him so much of your valuable information.


Very Happy I signed up.  Excellent tips and the way presented also gives me the chance to do other review(s).  To date you guys (& gals) are great!  Already seeing some small savings but significant none the less.


I greatly enjoyed your clip on television (WALB - NBC 10, Albany, GA) and then found the info on your website.  It is my first time on your website and it is well-done.


Totally enjoy MoneyTalksNews! Short, to the point, and relevant! Thanks


Just wanted to say your site is great! I was reading through a lot of the recent articles published on your blog. As a fellow writer and blogger, I found myself relating to a lot of the points and tips being discussed. Just wanted to say keep up the great work and I'll keep reading your content.


Thank you for the great articles, especially about "Target".  You provide a great service to all of us - very much appreciated.


Signing up for money talk news was one of my best decisions of 2013.


Your newsletter has truly been educational for me and I encourage friends and family to subscribe all the time.


I just want to congratulate all of you on the great info that you all post for us readers, you have an amazing team, and I really appreciate your dedication to serving the public with your hard work, thanks!


I love your website.Stumbled on it by accident reading something else one day. In fact I wish there were even more articles because I am learning so much from the site. Thank you for making an educational site that is understandable by all. Much Appreciated!


Thank you for all of the advice and news you share; it is priceless!  I post so many of your things on Facebook.  Please keep up the great work.


I have learned so much since I became a MONEYTALKSNEWS Letter Member. I’m a crazy-for-education person. Mostly Self taught Your Site educates everyday. And you have saved me so much money.


Your article on "Gifts for People Who Have Everything is stupendous !  Original, money-saving and enticing.


I read Money Talk News religiously and I appreciate all the great advice I have gleaned from you.


I love this subscription -- VERY helpful!


A big thank you for an excellent newsletter. I *always* find stuff I should specifically learn about. Usually there's something applicable to family members and friends, as of course I share it with them.
Thanks for the great, informative news.


Hi I just want to tell you this is my favorite site that I allow to come to my email besides coupons. It and always something interesting to learn.  Thank you Stacy Johnson.


I have been receiving your newsletter for some years now..I find it quite helpful as well as enjoyable.


I am an avid reader of the daily MoneyTalksNews articles, and I have learned so much from them. So, I want to say is THANK YOU for this wonderful outlet of information!


I just wanted to thank you guys for all your hard work on this newsletter.  The tips and info have proven helpful to me and I am grateful.  Please keep up the good work.  I look forward to the future newsletters I will receive.
Thank you!


I truly find your newsletter very helpful.  Please continue  the good work.  I have found the articles on how to make extra money very helpful.  Of course, the how to save money articles are even better.  Thank you for your help.